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When my husband and I opened our glass company in York County in 1994, we didn't imagine at that time we'd be involved in real estate in any way. However, our business quickly grew and in January 1996 we bought our first commercial property. A few years later, we outgrew that building and decided to rent it out and then bought another property down the street that was a former Burger King restaurant. After remodeling it and adding a warehouse, we thought that was it. But then we tried our hand at some residential fixer-uppers, and we were hooked. One pet peeve we always had was when we wanted information on a home or to look inside, the real estate agents we called rarely, if ever answered their phones. If they returned our call at all, it was usually two or more days later, which was very frustrating in a hot market. We went from one agent to another to find the right fit for us but had no success--maybe because buyers were so plentiful back then that agents didn't have to care as much about getting new clients.

In 2005, we sold the glass business and I studied for and obtained my real estate license. I was determined to be the agent we weren't able to find and vowed to be the agent who answers her phone. And I did just that. Of course, being such a new agent, answering the phone all the time was easy, because I had to work at it to get it to ring! Still, try me out. Even though I'm busier now, I get excited to see a new number on my caller ID and I still answer the phone more often than the majority of agents answer theirs. Need to buy or sell? Try calling or sending me a text message right now.

Do you know why I love being an agent?
I love being a REALTOR because I love working with and being around people. I am what one would call a true "people person" and I have yet to meet someone with whom I couldn't get along. As a REALTOR, I get to be around people all the time--not just buyers and sellers, but lenders, other agents, appraisers, contractors, lawyers and my friends and family! Being a real estate agent allows me flexibility in my schedule to carve out lunch with a worried seller or a doctor appointment for one of my children. I cannot think of any other profession that comes with the freedom and personal rewards that real estate affords me.

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